My cousin "Buddy" Castle and I were enjoying a couple of beers at the Bullpen in Guerneville.   Buddy and his family have maintained their cottage in Camp Meeker for over sixty-five years.  On average he spends three days a week in Camp Meeker and the remainder in San Francisco.  Anyway, about the third beer, Buddy made the following confession. 
    He started it with a question, "You know how you can tell when someone is watching you?  You know how you get that feeling?" 
    I nodded affirmatively. Buddy continued, "I was lying under the votive candle holder at Epiphany Church (San Francisco) using a dime to unscrew a little plate under the coin box-I had figured it out the previous week-you see once you loosened that screw the plate would move aside and with a wire you could scoop out a nickel or a dime.  I needed fifteen cents in addition to the dime I had to go to the movies."
    He digressed, "Boy, in those days twenty five cents would get you into the movies and buy you a veritable gourmet feast-popcorn and a coke."  He smacked his lips like he had just finished the meal.  Buddy is 71 now.
    "Anyway, that's when I got that feeling and looked up at black shoes and the hem of a black robe."
    "Arthur, what are you doing down there?" the black robe asked. 
    "Whenever anybody called me Arthur, I knew I was in trouble." He said.
    Buddy said he looked up and saw Father O'Keefe looking down at him.
    He stood up and sputtered, "Oh Father.  I needed fifteen cents to go to the movies-I was going to put it back as soon as I got my allowance," he said with a red face-his little heart pounding in his chest.  It was a bold-faced lie.
    Father O'Keefe responded in his Irish brogue, "Well, I didn't hear a knock on my door…?"
    "Knock on your door?" inquired Buddy.
    "You didn't ask me to lend you fifteen cents."
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Arthur "Buddy" Castle
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Father Maurice O'Keefe
Courtesy of: The "Russian River Times"

By Daniel J. Demers All Rights Reserved Copyright 2013