Attached is the latest article just published in the Russian River Times.  It’s called Holy Flatulence and is about Little Walt farting in church.  When you get it posted, let me know—I’d like to write the Face book intro like last time. 

Also Toothsome Rex, The Long Toothache, The Dental Technician’s Kiss and Les Miserables Anne Hathaway’s Teeth all need to be posted under the “Dental History” section of the website when you get a chance (you can keep the appropriate ones  (Toothsome Rex and Anne Hathaway’s Teeth)under “Just Published” too).  Thanks

As a reminder, you can review the heading you use for the Russian River Times  at  Pertinent info for top is:

Vol. 18 No. 5 The Alternative Uncensored Northern California Newspaper   May 2013 .  FYI the article is at page 10 of this month’s edition.